Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow in Vegas?

Yes! It did snow in Vegas! We started getting snow starting around 11:30 a.m. on December 16th and it didn't stop until well after we went to bed that night. When all was said and done we had somewhere around 6 inches! The kids were even out of the school the next day! Louis had taken off work that day to go get the brakes on his car fixed, so luckily he wasn't at work on the other side of town like usual. My office left a little early around 4:15, but by that time, the roads were already pretty bad and what is normally a 10-12 minute drive home for me took me almost 50 minutes.
I was freezing when I got home after my 50 minute drive! (my car never got really warm during the drive) I got cozy in pajamas and settled in under a blanket while Louis and the boys went to a church that is around the corner from our house to play in the snow that accumulated on the large grassy area around their parking lot. Just when I had gotten warm, a neighbor came knocking at our door to see if the boys wanted to come outside and make a snowman. I told her that they were playing at the church, but that I would come out. So she, her husband, a couple other neighbors and I built a snowman and a snowlady. We all had a good time playing in the snow. And of course, I had to put an Alabama cap on the snowman!
When Louis and the boys came back home, Chris and I walked around the entire neighborhood and made pictures. It was a sight to see snow in palm trees! And a lot of the poor trees in our neighborhood buckled and collapsed under the snow's weight. And then after walking through the neighborhood, we went back inside and I made homemade hot cocoa for everyone. That was a nice treat after being outside in the cold for so long!
Here are a few pictures of our short lived Vegas Winter Wonderland! I know that it wasn't near as much snow as they get in Chicago, New York or Boston, but for Vegas, it was more than enough. Good thing it only happens once every 30 years (so they say)!!
Love to all!
Angela, Louis, Chris and Mark
Mark, Louis and Chris

This is our street

Our little catcus plant in our front yard

One of the poor palm trees in
the neighborhood

The Snowman and Snowlady
(notice the Alabama cap on the snowman)